Making sure your stay is Covid safe

The management and staff of the Fairway Motor Inn are committed to ensuring our guests can have a safe and enjoyable stay with us, especially during the current Covid conditions. As a result we have put a number of policies and procedures in place including;

  1. We have had all of our carpet areas throughout the motel cleaned with a professional carpet cleaner.
  2. We have purchased our own professional steam cleaner and have steam cleaned and sanitized all the walls, floors, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, windows and touchable surfaces in all of our rooms. We will also steam clean each room after our guests depart.
  3. All outside areas have been pressure cleaned
  4. All curtains and outer bedding has been professionally cleaned
  5. The managers have completed an online Covid 19 Infection Control Training Course


We will welcome you the same as we would usually do so - with a smile. Just like you we are following the guidelines so everything here is as normal as possible and doing everything we can to ensure your stay is comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Debbie and Peter